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Salty Water in My Canteen By İsmet Özel

West Indies, Red Apple, Ithaki, China! I’ve been sentenced to set forth for a long journey. I've no more lot in the white man's region I’ve committed an offence against natives’ land I’m a dangerous faction among the despots, an indecorous one among the nationalities.
my atrocity has isolated me from the flavor of languorous fruits I’ve chosen a taste of a bitter root in the world there is no shade to rest nearby I’ve been sentenced to set forth for a long journey.
What is the distant? For me who even lives far from himself How distant the destination could be? My head is open, I divided my hair from the middle whose country I pass through tattoos on my temples shall betray me they’ll call me brave and honored whereas I’m silent and broken-hearted the cascade cry that I’ve captured from pirates is no more useful to me I disgust the farm laborers’ comfortable and sedentary dialect. on my neck jewels that have been made from the shames of people who have judged me on my back the deaf weighbridge o…