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I’m Compelled To You By Attila İlhan

I’m Compelled To You

By Attila İlhan

I’m compelled to you, you cannot know
I’m holding your name in my mind like a nail
Your eyes are getting bigger and bigger
I’m compelled to you, you may not know
I’m warming myself up with you.

Trees are getting ready for autumn
Is this city that old Istanbul
Clouds are coming apart in the dark
And street lamps are kindling suddenly
Rain smell on the sidewalks
I’m compelled to you, you are not here

Loving is sometimes dismally apprehensive
And man all of a sudden gets tired in the nightfall
Of living as a captive on the razor’s edge
Sometimes his passion breaks his hands
And he displaces a few lives out of his living
Which door he knocks now and then
Behind him the wicked howl of loneliness.

A pauper gramophone is playing in Fatih
A Friday is playing from the old times
If I stop at the corner and listen carefully
And bring a brand-new sky to you
Weeks are chipping off in my hands
Whatever I do whatever I hold wherever I go
I’m compelled to you, y…