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Farklı Bir Devrim Mektubu, 1988

Diane Di Prima

Where is gestapo, where
does it end? Where
is it? Soweto, it is. Where
does it end? Not Oakland, it doesn't
not B'nai Brith.

is it? Gaza, it is. Where
is it? San Quentin, it is. Where?
Peru. Where? Paris. Where? in Bonn
& Prague & Beijing, it is
in Yellow River Valley. Where
is it? Afghan, Guatemala, Rio,
Alaska, Tierra del Fuego, the
wasted tiaga, it is
where is it?
& where
does it end.

Not in
Oakland, it doesn't,
not in London. Not in the Mission.
Don't end in Brooklyn
or Rome. Atlanta. Where?
Morocco, gestapo is
Sudan (& death)
Where end? not Canada sold to
Nazi USA
not Mexico, Kenya, Australia
it don't, not end
Jamaica, Haiti. Mozambique
not end. Maybe
someplace it isn't maybe
someplace it ends
some hills maybe
still free
but hungry
(eyes blaze over ancient guns

Diane Di Prima

Farklı Bir Devrim Mektubu, 1988
(Getapo Şiiri)

nerede gestepo, nerde
biter? nerede
durur? Sweto…