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Poem by Mehmet Aycı

A river loving another river don’t panic
A sea on the upbeat for months don’t worry
Inside buds are blowing you’re witnessing of that sound
Thousands of sparrows are playing on the branches of trees
Such you’re experiencing things, beautiful, ephemeral
There is no place for anxiety, life is short anyway...

You know these things too, don’t let the poet speak
As much as I am your guest I’m bonded to you
There is no place for anxiety,
Besides world...

I am also a stranger to you as much as I am close
As much as foreign I am close to you
I don’t complain for life, when you are not here
I say stop to the pain of my left side
Though it doesn’t stop…

So we are growing my dear
Living for today, from the fire
A clover with twenty-nine blades

Translated by Mustafa Burak Sezer


Mehmet Aycı

Bir ırmak bir ırmağı seviyor sakın heyecan yapma
Bir deniz aylar boyunca yükselme halinde endişelenme
İçinde tomurcuklar patlıyor…